Director: Nicola Fan

Nicola Fan is a graphic designer + filmmaker, based in Hong Kong. She works as an art director for marketing and campaign materials; and is a director/producer for branded content, music videos, documentaries and shorts. She has worked for clients such as Red Bull, Sunkist, Samsung, New Balance, J.P.Morgan, and Time Warner. Her works have been featured on billboards, in TV commercials, at film festivals, in print as well as in merchandise stores. At the recommendation of the Hong Kong International Film Festival, her latest music video “The Eve” was sponsored by Hong Kong Arts Centre in 2014 to be sent to worldwide film festivals, where it was screened at Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, Incubator for Film and Visual Media in Asia, and more.

Nicola graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, where she grew her passion in communication design and storytelling through moving images.