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We are humbled by the genuine interest and generous support that She Objects has attracted from the likes of the Mumbai FLO Festival to Cannes to local coverage by the likes of Hong Kong Tatler, Marie Claire, Ming Pao, SCMP Group,, Sassy and others.



Press Releases

The Women’s Foundation Launches ‘She Objects’ Campaign

Calling for community-wide collaboration to safeguard the positive portrayal of women, challenge stereotypes and celebrate diversity in the media

Hong Kong’s Media, Creative and Entertainment Industries Pledge to Safeguard the Positive Portrayal of Women at Premiere of ‘She Objects’, A New Documentary by The Women’s Foundation

She Objects Trailer Scores More Than 17,000 Viewers in First Few Days After Launch on Facebook

Community Screening of She Objects – A Documentary by The Women’s Foundation – Garners Support Across HK’s Education, NGO and Business Sectors

Supported by the Education Bureau, a number of leading NGOs, media, academic institutions and businesses, the screening served to mobilise the community to challenge gender stereotypes and to call for greater sensitivity and responsibility towards media portrayal of women

Media Coverage

SCMP - Q&A: Su-Mei Thompson on her fight for gender equality

Su-Mei Thompson, TWF's CEO on how the She Objects campaign will bring about greater gender equality - She need not be defined by others! Full support for the She Objects Documentary

On She Objects challenging beauty ideals and the importance of not being defined by gender stereotypes (Chinese only)

HK Tatler - Su-Mei Thompson on the Major Alarming Factor Impacting Women’s Lives in Hong Kong

A chat with Su-Mei Thompson, TWF CEO, on what she hopes to accomplish with She Objects

SCMP - She Objects: filmmaker takes on gender stereotypes in Hong Kong media

Local director Nicola Fan’s documentary shows how media affects perceptions of women, leading to self-esteem and eating problems, as well as rising violence against women

SCMP - Culture of coercion: film by Hong Kong charity attacks the way media treat women as sex objects

Stars attend Central premiere of She Objects, which shows how gender stereotyping affects the self-esteem of young girls

RTHK - Women and the media

On Backchat, women and the media. A new campaign, 'She Objects' is challenging consumers and content creators to think critically about the correlation between the media’s portrayal of women and various issues.

HKEJ -The Rise of Women Leaders is still a long road ahead

Crystal Chan, TWF Communications Director, discussing gender bias in the workplace and She Objects' role in closing the gender leadership gap (Chinese Only)

HK Magazine - Director Nicola Fan on Rejecting the 'Sex Sells' Mantra in "She Objects"

In her debut full-length documentary "She Objects," director Nicola Fan looks at how women are objectified in Hong Kong and how they feel about it.

Young Post - She Objects objects to HK's dangerous standard of beauty and how it dehumanises women

Director of The Women's Foundation's film, Nicola Fan explains why the media needs to treat women more fairly

SCMP - The Hongkongers not afraid to challenge stereotypes and say big can be beautiful

Mainstream media pushes the ‘slim equals beautiful’ line, but some plus-size Hongkongers are defying the convention that openly criticising and ostracising fat people is socially acceptable

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